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Noob vs Pro 5: Herobrine(MOD (Auto Dance, No Damage, Combo) v1.0.1)

<p>Forest of Sleep is a gorgeous adventure game coming to tablets in late 2016, from the creators of the Bronze Award-winning Proteus.</p><p>Forest of Sleep follows a trio of children as they embark on an adventure across a landscape inspired by Russian fairy tales.</p><p>You'll past through kingdoms and see unique landmarks, help the world's strange residents, and sing around the campfire.</p><p>The developers are planning to tell a wordless narrative that unfolds through animations, your actions and choices, and playful fairy-tale logic.</p><p>You'll also need to watch your hunger as you travel, but rather than a survival mechanic, it'll be more of a way to maintain the game's pacing and move the story forward</p><p>The art style is easily Forest of Sleep's most striking aspect. Influenced by the work of late-20th century artists like Janusz Stanny and Yuri Norshteyn, the game blends hand-made illustrations with procedural generation to create unusual locations and characters.</p><p>Forest of Sleep will be coming to "PCs and tablets" in late 2016. We'll let you know about specific platforms and release dates as more information becomes available.</p><p>You can learn more about the game here.</p>.

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