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Fictif: Interactive Romance(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.4.0)

<p>Ex-EA designer Brice Morrison and novelist Barry Napier have teamed up to created interactive dark fiction game Buried.</p><p>Don't run away yet. Yes, it's interactive fiction, but it does at least have photos and a "haunting soundscape" to accompany its text.</p><p>It has you playing as Roger Hastings, a logger working in the forests of Kentucky, when he awakens with memory loss and his friends missing.</p><p>You'll start to explore the nearby area with Roger and will discover "something that should have stayed hidden."</p><p>Obviously, a lot of Buried's quality will hinge on its writing, and fortunately Napier has a lot of experience there.</p><p>He's written for over 40 online and print publications and created many original novels including The Bleeding Room and the Everything Theory series.</p><p>Buried will be coming out for iOS and Android in January 2016 and will cost £2.29 / $2.99. Check out its website for more info.</p>.

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