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<p>Can you believe that the final episode of Batman - The Telltale Series concludes today? As per usual the game will hit out on PC/Mac/console with mobile hopefully not far behind.</p><p>More excitingly we've got a brand new trailer to get our blood pumping. Yes, this finale of Batman builds into an epic climax filled with tension, action, and a hell of a lot of Arkham as Batman's final showdown with the Children of Arkham begins.</p><p>Without spoiling anything Telltale's take on the series is surprisingly refreshing, causing you to balance the psyche of Batman and Bruce Wayne on a knife's edge. Make too many violent decisions and it may affect how people see you - don't make enough and you may lose more than a fight or two.</p><p>We'll keep you updated for when the last episode drops, until then check out the trailer below and get excited. There's not long to wait.</p>.

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