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In this category, you can find the list of Mod apk Games developed for Android Game-demos Games.

Fortune Wheel HD(APK v0.7.172

Fortune Wheel HD(MOD (Dumb Enemies, No Ads) v1.6.7

So slides he down upon his grained bat,....
Fortune Wheel HD(MOD (Unlimited Money) v5.12.1

Fortune Wheel HD(APK v1.412.0

O appetite, from judgement stand aloof!...
Fortune Wheel HD(APK v37.0.26985

Fortune Wheel HD(APK v33.0.4.99198

<p>PQube is publishing the English version of popular Japanese visual novel Steins;Gate on PS Vita in 2015. It'll be available in North America and Europe.</p><p>You may or may not know that the game has been available in Japan for some years now. It's part of 5pb. and Nitroplus's "Science Adventure" series, with the first being Chaos;Head and the third being Robotics;Notes.</p><p>It wasn't until March 2014 that an English version of Steins;Gate was released on PC - almost five years after the game's original publication on Xbox 360 in Japan.</p><p>Steins;Gate follows a bunch of friends around Tokyo as they discover a way to change the past through sending text messages back in time.</p><p>This causes them to run into a number of deadly twists in the timeline. They also run into a conspiracy involving a science company called SERN and a guy from a dystopian future called John Titor.</p><p>It has multiple endings, and is played via text messages, phone calls (which you can answer or ignore), and conversation.</p>...
Fortune Wheel HD(MOD (Unlocked All DLCs) v2.6.6.6

Fortune Wheel HD(MOD (Unlocked, Unlimited LootBoxes) v1.4.6

"Now, Gilbert, you are not `going off mad.' Sit down here and I'll apologise bee-YEW-ti-fully, I shouldn't have said that. But--oh, if you knew--"...