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its cool how we all went into indie games to escape the corporate power structure and what actually happened was a bunch of petty booj just exploited everyone while getting to act like rebels

can i at least get through breakfast without this fubesharing shit

apple ceo man: imagine.. an app for your feet
(6 months pass)
The Foot Cloud Has Been Hacked, Here’s What You Need To Know

I have made one tweet in the past six months or so on an old account with like 15 followers and it got me blocked by a senior editor for the national review.

This is the second time in two days I’ve seen the word yatch rock what the fuck is it

one of my lifes greatest fears is that one of you fucking clowns will match with me on tinder and ill have to face penance for the shit ive done on here

Not as many Chris Dorner stans on OkCupid as on Masto. Having a hard time flirting over there

this teacher is an absolute fucking homie he scanned the textbook so we didnt have to buy it (but i already rented mine OOPS)

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grindr and linked in are the same website for me

an animal out of context is such an odd thing

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