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haha... i bet if your from the south, you hate minoritys. anyways time to go protest the 50th patriot prayer rally this month.

ed sheeran, looking at yr toes: πŸ‘ πŸ‘… πŸ‘

one of my coworkers (the Only one who misgenders me) said some joke about clown world and offhandedly mentioned how the worlds crazy and nothing means anything so uh hmmmm. hmmmmmm. hmmmmmmmmmm.

β€œhot take” -prometheus about to steal fire from olympus

feeling bad tonight say nice things to me while im asleep (now) so i can wake up to them pl,,s,,,,

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just found out about email... what willt hey think up next!!!

β€œhot take” -prometheus about to steal fire from olympus

the most firmly grounded in reality song on the black parade also happens to be the only bad song on the album

getting high off my fuvking gonads on cucumber slices

i dunno yall. im not some serial memelord gremlin or whatever. im just a person, i just say goofy shit a lot. worried i wouldnt like the idea people have on me.

putting a cw on something terrible you say doesnt make it less terrible lmao

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