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my name is lavender, but not the word lavender. my name is the concept of lavender, the actual color lavender. call me anything related; lavender, lilac, violet, sunset, flower, whatever. all of those are still my name.

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to do list
- more robust rules
- set up a relay
- upgrade storage
- look into wasabi/alternatives
- themes
- feature showcase for birdsite users
- roll out a few invites
- touch up pokemon emotes

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hows it goin cuties!!!!! im a really really cute boy* and u should give me attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you boost this post i will steal one of your bones free of charge

no bitch YOU live in a society i live in my bed starting 10 different minecraft modpacks and getting 20 minutes into each of them and abandoning them

support local businesses! tip when you steal from the circle k!

thinking about how my psychiatrist came through the drive thru at work and didnt even tip

just putting it out there if anyone wants to buy me this jacket ill send you as many nudes as you want

oh fuck i really want this pink jacket that tylers wearing shit

too many of you have feet. im going to fucking do something about that.

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you're telling me rlcraft is hardcore? and it doesn't even have stone knapping? fuckin clown.

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