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how are the metacritic scores for twinks

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to do list
- more robust rules
- set up a relay
- upgrade storage
- look into wasabi/alternatives
- themes
- feature showcase for birdsite users
- roll out a few invites
- touch up pokemon emotes

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@Lady is trump boy just doing a really shitty job at bratting

you know what makes ME “haHAA”and “CRINGE”? littering. hi,

if you “fuck” then do not even bother talking to me. my google glass is going to identify and dox you.

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Hey, if I’m ever wrong about anything, feel free to just murder me.

idk i wanna join twitter but it seems so complicated

TO the people that say “ReAd AnOtHeR bOoK” :
i already friggeb do!!! tales of beedle the bard and quidditch thru the ages, what next BUDDYYY

droppin a phatty “ on yr girls selfies

big shoutout to paws if u got paws sound off in the replies

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LMAO the boomers status doesnt even fucking fit in the character limit this time

who the fuck came up with this “mario bro” shit...

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h-hey guys? ;w; wemembew that asshowe spammew that was s-suggesting to awoid amewican womin?? u got his bwog taken down.. :c
you twied bwocking his websites url but he has menny ways awound that >:3c hewe's the awticle in queschin..

i feel like the spam boomer thinks hes upsetting us far more than he actually is? like every so often i get a dumb message, i suspend, then within ten minutes ive forgotten he exists

mueller: report
panties: dropped
drumpf: owned

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a lot of ppl havr birthdays apparently so, i am going to wish a happy birth day to None of thrm and instead say have a happy birthday to jazz legend dave brubeck :)

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