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i think it is important to note now that after a "smash players stinky" joke you get one warning and a polite reminder as to why it's harmful to autistic people and then a block the next time. no i will not debate you on this.

i want more people to talk here i like this place i hate twitter

once i realized i couldn't fight spacies to save my life it was all over. and not for lack of trying, i just physically and mentally cannot react and handle their shit fast enough. ended up as a pikachu player only good at floaty matchups

it took me 2 years to be able to wavedash consistently because my motor planning is terrible. it does not help that i play pikachu and he's the only character i'm really interested in because he's definitely entirely too technical for me

i love love love melee but sometimes you just have the reaction times of a snail on klonopin and a neurological disorder that makes inputs very very difficult

thinking about melee makes me sad lately... sad about what could be if my brain and body weren't made of garbage

sick after sns because of course i am. hopefully i won't be sick for 3 months this time

posting a pic of the crab throw and hbox's major results with the caption "deplatforming works" is...

except it isn't cause imma keep watching ultimate until wizzy's out lol

this is exactly what i was talking about earlier with ultimate after melee

also if melee top 8 wasn't so early i'd get to grind ladder more :/

not necessarily hyped up because it was hype per se, sometimes it's because hungrybox won again after i got my hopes up

ultimate top 8 after melee top 8 is always such a bad idea. not even in a "melee should always be the last event way" but ultimate's audience definitely skews younger (there was an 11 year old in my pool) and also like half of the time after a melee top 8 i'm too hyped up to watch ultimate at all

not depressed anymore im too much of a grinder at heart loool

im... depressed. i didn't expect to be depressed at the thing i was most excited for for months

i guess it's better than nothing and that work environment would be really good for me but i don't want to go this much longer with no source of income and my mom keeping my disability money from me

not mad at her, u gotta take care of yourself after all and i would've felt terrible if she'd pushed herself too hard and had a worse problem. mostly mad at all the delays and the crowds and the lack of air conditioning

pools got delayed then our pool captain didn't show up then our r1 didn't show up then we got 2-0'd and then @Amewlia felt sick and we had to dq. lil bit bummed/frustrated

wait ally and mr. r are both here i might have to bounce before i go sicko mode

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