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Doing commissions for the first time!
45 USD for full-on drawing (color, smoother lines),
15 for simpler sketches like the last picture!
(link: (ignore the deadname when you click the link please!)


Elon Musk: Within 2 years I will create seamless holograms of Chris Farley engaging in hand to hand combat with John Belushi

Me: This doesn't seem all that valuable

Elon Musk Fans: At least he's doing *something*, what are you adding to the world?

how come hatsune miku got a domino's pizza augmented reality app and i didn't

the scooby doo gang investigates workplace harassment

I'm dead they managed to have a housing crisis in a fuckin mmo *flip table and leave to scream at a tree*

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"Well, traveler, you have bested my traps, solved my riddles, and defeated my guardians. What is it you seek from me!"

"Package for you."

"I... what?"

"Package for you. Sign here, please."

#MicroFic #ShortStories #CreativeWriting

"keep politics out of this" is something people only ever say to you when they're trying to maintain a status quo of oppression that they benefit from

║▒\ put this knife on your page
║░▒║ to support having a.
║░▒║ Cool knife on
║░▒║ your page

banned from the comedy club for my controversial "minecraft sex jokes" routine

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